Rainville Design Studio (rDS) is a full-service landscape design + build firm based in Los Angeles. Our goal is to create experiences for our clients that enhance their lives in a sustainable and restorative manner. Our signature “less is more” aesthetic results in organized, fluid designs and heightens the perceptions of color, textures, smell, sound and movement as a person interacts with a space.


The challenge of the landscape design professional is to ensure that both the indoor and outdoor environments interact seamlessly, which is only successful when all the senses are considered and engaged. Restraint and balance drive of our design perspective, allowing each element of the design to be noticed and appreciated as both individual parts and as components of a complete system.


Led by Miriam Rainville, rDS develops all aspects of a site, including hardscape layout and materials, plant materials, water usage, site furnishings, special features, lighting, and more. After design completion and approval, rDS works with clients to physically build and install the materials specified in the plans to ensure that the vision correctly translates into reality.